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An abundance of armins
1.plain armin/attack on titan
2.howl/howl’s moving castle
3.mellow/death note
4.pico/boku no pico
5.he man/he man
7.plant girl/blue exorcist
8.wrestler armin/real life
9.nicki minaj
10.queen’s servants/Howl’s moving castle
11.coconut head/Ned’s school survival guide

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roblogging for future use

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Today is apparently National Margarita Day or so my mom says. Drinks and games with the family on the porch.

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this is literally what happens when a young adult starts working full time

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I’m so amused because when Steven Spielberg was making Jurassic Park he’s like ‘I want 10 ft’ velociraptors and everyone else is like ‘Steven no, they weren’t that big’ and he’s just like ‘well damn imma put them in the movie anyway’ and then during filming some random palaeontologists found actual 10 ft velociraptor skeletons and Spielberg was probably like ‘told ya so’

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